3rd December the Center of Tactical Medicine - Hungary and the Hungarian Presidential PSD from the Hungarian Police conducted a joint exercise to improve their readiness and to know each other's SOPs better. During the three scenarios the Team CoTMH and the police officers gained new comprehensive skills and had the opportunity to maintain and improve their proficiency in basic skills should be used in their daily tasks and duties as PSD officers.

We wish to express our gratitude to Col. Sándor Pomozi - Commander of the Presidential PSD - and Lt.Col. Attila Gáspár - lead paramedic of the unit - for their invaluable organisation roles, so that this training could be held. László Hegedüs the founder and owner of CoTMH led the exercise on such a professional level, which can be known by those who have ever attended at the company’s trainings. The versatile scenarios and the very challenging high-end quality hyper-realistic simulations made a big hit amid the participants. Our committed OPFOR team shall not be forgotten, they did an astonishing performance as well, so that the police officers were able to feel themselves in the very middle of combat.

Also, our unique Tactical Rescue capabilities deserve to be mentioned, which were showed by our TacRescue instructors amid a hyper-realistic casualty care. At the moment our company is the only one in Hungary and in Central Europe too, in which tactical medicine, hyper-realistic simulation and Tactical Rescue skills and techniques are totally integrated and used for training purposes. 

This December event will be followed by further trainings. Also, our company has become the best and the most versatile TecMed firm in Hungary under a very short period of time. This assumption is concluded by growing number of widespread requests sent by our customers both from the defence/rescue industry and from civilians to work out trainings and joint programs.